Clear Multifloral Ecological Honey
Clear Multifloral Ecological Honey

Clear Multifloral Ecological Honey

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Organic honey Multi Floral EcoPromelis is a natural product harvested following the traditional tradition of four generations. Honey that nature produces in the purest form thanks to the work of our bees that fly free from flower to flower in the natural parks of Spain. Light amber color with yellow shades.

Properties of Multifloral Honey or Honey of Thousand Flowers

Multifloral or thousand-flower honey is anti-inflammatory, healing and digestive. Taken before a physical effort, training or work, increases the physical strength and energy and if you take it after the effort is a magnificent restorative. Because of its high fructose content it is the perfect substitute for sugar to sweeten coffees, juices or smoothies, as well as providing sweetness, essential mineral vitamins and proteins.

Characteristics of multifloral honey or Mil Flores honey

The honey multifloral or honey of Thousand Flowers is produced by the nectar that the bees obtain in a great variety of blooms and each one of them has a determined variety of flowers and nectars their characteristics vary a lot depending on the zone and time of the year that is collected. Its color varies between light amber if it has been collected in a meadow until the dark amber when the flowering that produces it is more wooded and it contains more nectars. Fruity and fresh nuances predominate in its flavor, although it can also be a little more intense when it occurs in outcrops of forest or shrubs. Its smell is fresh and fruity more or less intense. From the process of making this honey you get the dry bee pollen and the royal jelly, two products of great quality and very coveted.
This multi-purpose honey is the one that comes to mind when someone asks us what the honey? It is used for everything in our homes and provides sweetness to cold drinks such as juices or smoothies or hot drinks such as coffee or infusions. It is also used to sweeten desserts or make mead which consists of a good glass of water with a lemon juice and a spoonful of honey. Flower sweets are also made with honey and other specialties.
In short, a little is a colored honey that goes from light amber to dark amber. Its aroma is floral sometimes with other diverse notes. Sweet taste with acidic or salty notes. The crystallization of this honey is variable since it depends on the amount of fructose obtained from the flowering in which the nectar is harvested, although it is solved as in all cases by placing it in the water bath.
Our honey Multifloral or honey of Thousand Flowers goes from the clear nuances of the prairies of the center of Spain with cheeses like the Honey of the uncle Juan Cruz or the Honey of the colder of Valderromero, until the darkest harvested in zones of the Mountain range of Cádiz or the skirts of Moncayo, Miel el Madroño or Hispamiel, in any case, is an extraordinary melting pot of colors, smells and flavors.
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