Organic honey of Rosemary EcoPromelis...
Organic honey of Rosemary EcoPromelis...

Organic honey of Rosemary EcoPromelis 500g

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Romero's organic honey Eco Promelis is a natural product harvested following the traditional tradition of four generations. Honey that nature produces in the purest form thanks to the work of our bees that fly free from flower to flower in the natural parks of Spain.

Rosemary is a woody shrub with perennial leaves reaching two meters in height. When bees release honey from their flowers, they produce a honey with very peculiar properties and a delicious taste.


Characteristics of pure rosemary honey

Its texture is thick and amber color. When it crystallizes it becomes much harder and its color is as whitish. Heat the water bath to no more than 40 degrees centigrade to return to its natural texture.

Properties of pure rosemary honey

This wonderful rosemary honey is very digestive and helps with heavy digestions. Two tablespoons after a copious meal help to digestion. It also fights the gas and the acidity of the stomach. Other properties of rosemary honey as its balsamic, antiseptic and respiratory problems.

It is also a very rich food in lithium that is great for cognitive and memory functions, as well as to treat skin problems.

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