Organic honey of Lavender EcoPromelis...
Organic honey of Lavender EcoPromelis...

Organic honey of Lavender EcoPromelis 500g

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The organic honey of Lavender Eco Promelis is a natural product harvested following the traditional tradition of four generations. Honey that nature produces in the purest form thanks to the work of our bees that fly free from flower to flower in the natural parks of Spain.

The honey that bees produce from the lavender flower, also called lavender. The flower is violet and is used for its medicinal properties.


Characteristics of lavender honey

Lavender pure honey has a very clear color, sometimes almost transparent. Its aroma unequivocally reminds of the lavender flower from which it comes. It is a very fluid honey and its mild flavor also reminds of the flower from which it comes


Properties of lavender honey

The natural honey of lavender has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, also effectively combats moderate intestinal disorders.

A daily spoonful of pure lavender honey prevents intestinal infections and reinforces the beneficial bacteria for the organism. It is also very effective in caring for the skin and curing wounds or insect bites.

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