Tilo honey from Tío Juan Cruz
Tilo honey from Tío Juan Cruz

Tilo honey from Tío Juan Cruz

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Linden honey Uncle Juan Cruz is a honey produced with ecological principles of conservation caring handmade taste and high quality. Honey of Aragon

  • 450 Grams
  • 910 grams

The honey of Tilo is ideal to sweeten in a subtle and natural way the infusions thanks to its relaxing properties and its menthol fragrance. Its texture is creamy and its smell is unmistakably reminiscent of the linden flower.

 Characteristics of pure linden honey

The linden honey has a creamy texture, of a soft and yellowish color that changes in hue depending on the degree of crystallization of the linden honey. Its soft and lasting aroma sweet and bitter at the same time. Its flavor is soft and sweet with very interesting bitter tones.

 Properties of pure linden honey

Lime honey is a powerful natural relaxant and a great source of energy. If you play sports or follow a diet, it is a very good way to sweeten your food and drinks, with only half a teaspoon of linden honey. Its relaxing power helps with sleep disorders, stress and anxiety treatments. It is also very beneficial for the digestive system and protects the intestinal flora. In the skin it eliminates acne breakouts and diminishes fine lines.

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