Honey Multiflora La Orza by Valderromero
Honey Multiflora La Orza by Valderromero

Honey Multiflora La Orza by Valderromero

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Of invigorating action for the heart and muscles. It acts on digestive functions. It's sedative.
The honey of Thousand Flowers of the Orza de Valderromero is a natural and pure honey with a mild flavor and a light amber color with a delicious smell of spring.
Harvested in the Alcarria in an artisanal way.

  • 500 grams
  • 1.000 grams

The honey of a thousand flowers is the best known because in our homes it serves to sweeten anything, desserts, sweets, drinks, etc.

Characteristics of Honey of Thousand Pure Flowers

The most characteristic honey flavor that distinguishes our palate for being the most used honey but its nuance depends on the place and time of year in which it is produced since both the time and the geography change the flor composition of this honey. The same goes for its smell and flavor. Therefore, if you find a thousand flowers honey that you like, do not lose sight of it.


Properties of honey of a thousand pure flowers

Among the benefits for the organism of honey of a thousand flowers is its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities, taking a daily spoonful is ideal to prevent colds or respiratory infections.


This honey is the one that most often mix large food surfaces with honeys from different sources, especially from China, and thousands of producers that once pasteurized lose much of their properties and their characteristics.

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