Eucalyptus Honey Tío Juan Cruz
Eucalyptus Honey Tío Juan Cruz

Eucalyptus Honey Tío Juan Cruz

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The eucalyptus honey of uncle juan cruz is a honey produced with ecological principles in an artisanal way taking care of the conservation of the flavor and high level of quality. Honey of Bajo Aragón

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  • 910 grams

The beekeeper produces Eucalyptus honey from the honey of pollen bees from the eucalyptus flower. Eucalyptus is a tree from Australia, although it has been lavished throughout the planet.

Characteristics of Eucalyptus honey

The taste of pure eucalyptus honey is very concentrated, "a wood", reminiscent of the bark of that tree that many people find delicious. Its color is dark and its very strong balsam aroma makes this honey a very particular honey.

Properties of Eucalyptus honey

Natural eucalyptus honey has balsamic properties. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and is replete with natural antioxidants. It is an excellent expectorant and antiseptic. It also contains a low concentration of sugars

Benefits of eucalyptus honey

The most outstanding benefits have to do with the treatment of respiratory pathologies, such as asthma, cold and cough. A spoonful of eucalyptus honey daily helps to strengthen the body's immune system

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