It is the result of the work of Apícola Cuartero, a family business born three generations ago and located in the foothills of the Moncayo. With more than 3,000 hives, these honeys produced one hundred percent in Spain are obtained from the most excellent blooms of the Spanish geography.

Their products are made naturally, without pesticides around the flowers, and following the traditional process, so that each honey will be different, even within the same type. In this way Mieles del Tío Juan Cruz manages to revive in the palates the ancient flavor of honey, when it was purchased directly from the beekeeper's house.

Apícola Cuartero and his Honeys of Tío Juan Cruz bases his way of working in the excellence in the production of the honey and in the conservation of his flavor, as well as in the care of the bees and the hives to favor that these produce the greater amount possible of honey of the best quality.

It is a family business focused on maintaining a high level of products, whose development is based on ecological principles: respect nature and what it offers, living from it, but without attacking it. In addition, it seeks to recover the traditional trades to return to inhabit the places that were deserted.

At the moment of current globalization, in which there has been a loss of diversity in products and crops, Apícola Cuartero proposes that traditional flavors be maintained and recovered, that the resources of the earth be presented in the containers with all its value. The objective is to stand out from standard products that appear continuously and whose taste ends up being identical again and again. Hiellos del Tío Juan Cruz has the value of the natural as a differentiating element, being able to notice different shades between one harvest and another, but always under the most demanding level of quality.

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