Honey with quality certificate

Organic production in Europe is subject to standards and controls that guarantee the purity of honey from the flower to your home.
For an apicultural farm obtain the certificate of Ecological needs some strict requirements that begin choosing the site where the hives are going to be planted.
The place where the hives have to be planted must be a natural environment where in three square kilometers there is no apiculture or agricultural exploitation that is treated with pesticides or some type of artificial fertilizer.
The bees have to be fed throughout the year with the honey they produce, or failing that with another organic honey produced by the beekeeper in another farm. You can not feed the bees with non-organic honey or sugary compounds like they do in other countries in Asia.
The veterinary treatment of bees must be natural, based on remedies of medicinal plants, without being able to use artificial antibiotics or any other substance generated in a pharmaceutical laboratory.
Finally, the harvest of organic honey must be made with utilizes dedicated exclusively to that type of honey, as well as obtaining honey, storage and packaging.
Ecological honey farms are subjected periodically to strict controls by health authorities dependent on the European Union.

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