Properties and benefits of natural thyme honey

The honey of thyme that the bees produce in the honeycomb from the nectar of the thyme flower. Thyme is an aromatic plant of the thymus genus and the varieties that produce linden honey are Thymus serpyllum, Thymus vulgaris and Thymus capitatus. Thyme honey is harvested at the beginning of summer.

Characteristics of pure thyme honey

Natural thyme honey has a very sweet and delicate flavor with an intense honey flavor. Its light amber color with darker shades and grayish shades. It crystallizes easily and then acquires a lighter color. Its smell reminds the rosemary plant in bloom, intense and persistent.

The ingestion of Rosemary Honey in infusions, liquids or shakes regulates blood pressure, reduces bronchitis and asthma among other respiratory conditions. On the other hand, in gastronomy it is used to season meats seasoned with basil and it is advisable to include it at the last moment before serving to preserve all its aroma in the dish. They also enhance the flavor of desserts made with cinnamon.

Traditional beekeeping also obtains from bees products such as propolis, Royal Jelly or dry pollen, which are other delicacies full of flavor and health.

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Rosemary is a plant that has enjoyed since ancient Grace where it was well known its medicinal properties and products such as rosemary honey are highly prized since then. Rosemary was also used for medicinal and soothing ointments.

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