Properties and benefits of natural linden honey

The linden honey is obtained from the nectar of the flowers of the linden tree. The lime blossoms briefly in summer, at the beginning of the month of July and is when the beekeepers plant the beehives so that the bees produce this special honey. The production of linden honey is usually very low because the flowering of the linden tree is very short.

Characteristics of pure linden honey

The linden honey has a creamy appearance and a fruity flavor with acidic and salty nuances at the bottom of the palate. Its smell is soft and not very intense, but long-lasting. Regarding its color in yellowish with almost white tones for its high water content. It contains flavonoids and farnesol, both are vital components for the organism, as well as trace elements.

The most frequent use of natural lime honey is as relaxing and sleep-conciliating, as the Tila, a cup of hot infusion sweetened with linden honey before bedtime allows us relaxation and a restful sleep. It is also applied to stress treatments and treatments of the digestive system.

This honey is also ideal for its high content in water and low glucose to sweeten the life of those who like fitness because it increases the physical resistance and helps to regain muscle tone can be sweetened with a tablespoon of lime honey water that we take during training or sweeten the protein shake that we take right after training that allows us to recover and acts as a powerful and natural muscle relaxant. Manuka honey also has these properties, but not as pronounced.

Other products such as Propolis, Dry Pollen or Royal Jelly are also produced in the hive.

Buying tilo honey from uncle Juan Cruz gives us the guarantee of being consuming a natural and ecological product created respecting the environment.

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