Properties and benefits of Romero's natural honey

The habitual consumption of rosemary honey improves stomach health and prevents acid and stomach ulcers. Also liver diseases, gout, cirrhosis, epilepsies and rheumatism. Very good also for physical and mental exhaustion, very restorative.

Characteristics of pure rosemary honey

 The color of rosemary honey varies between the shades of light amber in the honeys harvested in spring and the darker amber with reddish hues in the late spring and summer harvest. The aroma is markedly of floral base, but it emphasizes a phenolic component very marked and persistent as well as intense. Mouth in sweet, like any floral honey, but with marked acid and salty notes, sometimes very persistent.

The particular characteristics of Romero honey, its aromatic intensity and persistence are very appreciated for people with strong tastes and sensations. It is used to sweeten dishes whose aromas and flavors are also strong, strong infusions, stews of baked meats, aged or aged cheeses or heavy desserts. You have to be careful with how much you dress these dishes so you do not overdo it.

We remember that its color goes from light amber to amber, sometimes with reddish tones. Of floral aroma very intense and persistent and sweet with very clear acid notes. By containing less fructose it is less prone to crystallize.

Among our honey from Romero there are great brands and honeys of very good quality. The honey of Romero de Hispamiel was the winner of the first national award of clear honey in 2016. We also have the honey from the Valderromero apiary with designation of origin "la Alcarria" or the organic production of Ecopromelis produced in the Sierra de Cádiz. All of handmade production and in Spain.

Buy any rosemary honey from our brands is to taste a very tasty groumet product

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