Properties and benefits of Lavender natural honey

The lavender honey or lavender is produced by the nectar of the lavender flower found in the immense fields dedicated to the exploitation of this aromatic plant. It is an excellent and aromatic healthy and natural sweetener. Among its properties are its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, It is used to relieve burns or insect bites since it has a powerful tissue regenerating factor. It is also relaxing and combats anxiety, irritability, insomnia, tachycardia or migraine. It is digestive and has anti-diarrheal properties. The properties of Lavender Honey are similar to manuka honey, so popular these days.

Characteristics of Pure Lavender or Lavender Honey

The color of Lavender Honey is light amber, but sometimes it turns into amber or an almost white yellow, depending on the residual flowering of the nectar with which the bees produce it. Its flavor is floral, sweet with an almost negligible touch paid and slightly acid. Its smell is characteristic of the flower that produces it, Lavender.

Lavender honey is used to sweeten infusions, desserts, yogurts or any drink or food that you want to give a special and unique aroma.

Buying lavender honey at guarantees that they are from Spanish beekeepers, from prestigious brands and that it is produced in an artisanal way and respectful of the environment. Our honey is pure so that you always have a health jar at home.

Beekeepers also extract products that honey bees make parallel to honey, such as propolis, royal jelly or dried bee pollen, which are little known food gems.

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