Properties of Eucalyptus natural honey

From the nectar of the leaves and stems of the eucalyptus tree, this honey is especially indicated to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections such as catarrhs ​​and lung diseases. It is antitoxin and clears the nasal passages.

Characteristics and benefits of Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus honeys range from amber to light amber, highlighting greenish tones that are more noticeable in the upper area of ​​the container. Its very persistent and intense aroma to wet wood is very particular. These characteristics increase significantly in the nasal retro. Its taste is slightly salty sweet and light acid notes. The average tendency of crystallization is low and when it crystallizes it does so in the form of fine crystals. The aromatic power and intense flavor of eucalyptus honey combines with strong flavors and intense aromas. Using discrete amounts can also sweeten yoghurts, curds or fresh cheeses to which it gives a special and delicious aroma. A hot infusion sweetened with eucalyptus honey will help relieve the cold and flu symptoms.

Eucalyptus honey is amber or light amber with shades of green. It smells of wet wood and its aroma is intense and very persistent. Of sweet flavor with acid notes increasing sensibly in the retro nasal zone.

Buy our eucalyptus honeys are collected throughout Spain are of high quality and all brands of prestige and quality gain. Ecopromelis supplies us with an organic honey and Honey The strawberry tree a soft and pleasant Eucalyptus honey to drink. Miel del Tío Juan Cruz and the Valderromero apiary come from the interior with a residual floral composition very different from Andalusian honeys.

From the hive, beekeeping also extracts products that bees produce parallel to honey, such as propolis, royal jelly or dry bee pollen, which are little known food gems. The honeycomb of a source of natural products and example of environmental sustainability.

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