Forest honey properties

Forest honey has an intese flavour and a Little sweet. It has plenty of mineral salts, treats anaemia and distend and it also treats lungs infections. It is a result of bee’s collection of tree’s sap these plant exude to repair cracks. This honey is highly recommended as a natural tonic for having it after a long-lasting convalescence

Forest honey benefits and characteristics

This honey has dark amber color with grey shades. It has a strong malt, toasted cereal or bread persistent scent. It use to be accompanied by flowery scents. Its flavour is a Little sweet with salty tastes that helps it not to be oversweet. It has high levels of fructose which make proteins’ assimilation easier. Other products that comes from the hive are the royal jelly and the dried pollen.

The natural forest honey matches well with meat and it should be poured in the last moment before serving it to avoid the scent loss wich are subtler tan the other smells. It also matches well with fat high food and dried fruits, even more if they are toasted.ç

As a summary, its color is dark amber, its scent is flowery with a malt component, strong and persistent. Its flavour is sweet with salty tastes. The forest honey has a slow crystalization.

The la Orza de Valderromero honey is one coming from La Alcarria wich has splendid characteristics produced in Spain and all natural. Hispamilel makes a excellent honey too, same as Miel del Madroño or the ecologically produced honey from EcoPromelis. Any of the forest honeys in our catalog is a very good option, with pureness and quality guarantee. Buying any of’s is a quality guarantee.

Beefarming produces natural and enviromentallyfriendly honey.

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