Orange Blossom honey’s properties

Orange Blossom honey is relaxing and helps you to fall asleep either for kids and older people. It is antispamodic and recommended as a painkiller.

Orange Blossom honey’s benefists and characteristivs

The floral factor of Orange Blossom honey’s nectar comes from the orange tree flower in the Neval group, wich is the most raised variety in Spain, selected for the sterility of its pollen. The beefarmer collects this honey from the bee’s hive during spring, when there is more orange tree flowers around. The Orange Blossom flower is aromatic and is also usaed as a decoration.

The organic Orange Blossom honey has a clearly identifiable fruity and flowery scent. Its color is light amber, almost yellowish. Its taste is also characteristic because it combines acid and sweet flavours that makes a pleasant combination.

Orang Blossom honey is specially delicious on infusions, yogurts and White cheese. It seasons White meats like chiken or turkey and fried pastries such as pufs. It also seasons sweet cakes and ice cream.

Orange Blossom honey has a light yellowy look, with a flower scent domining the methyl anthranilate wich makes you remember Seville at Spring. It as a sweet flavour with acid tastes and retro nasal acid sensations. TheOrange Blossom honey’s crystallisation is slow and has thin cristal.

Among our Orange Blossom honey catalogue, the ecological production honey EcoPromelis stands up. The ecological production guarantees the honey’s purity and the enviromentallyfriendly commitment, also the the Hispamiel Honey produced in Jaén. From La Alcarria el colmenar de Valderromero brings their Orange Blossom honey. Buying pure handcrafted honey is like byuing health. Buying Orange Blossom Honey is like having in your larder a delicious form of relax.

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