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What is Honey ?

Honey is a viscous fluid produced by Apis genre bees, which were domesticated by man since Prehistory and it’s exploited since then in the Apiary. Which is an aggrupation of hives which are designed for their apiarian exploitation.

Honey is produced by bees from flowers, also from excretions of plant sucking insects.

These substances are picked up by bees and transformed and combined with their own substances, dehydrating them and storing it in the honeycombs for its maduration.

Honey spoons exist in order to make its consume easier.

What we know as Apiculture is the exploitation of honeycombs by man in his own benefit.

We take advantage of everything of the honeycombs, bee’s  wax, royal jelly, pollen and, of course, honey, and we could even eat the honeycomb.


Honey has been used for thousands of years and its applications are really varied, its properties and benefits are innumerable, to sweeten, to give flavour, as food or medicine.

Honey composition is very variable.

But it is mainly composed by carbohydrates in fructose or glucose form and  disaccharide carbohydrates like maltose maltulose or panose.

It also contains enzymes,amino acids, antioxidants, B and C vitamins and folic acid.

Rich in minerals like iron or zinc. Taking advantage of these properties glucose syrups are elaborated.


The grade of natural of honey defines the higher or smaller facility to crystalize.

A honey which crystallizes hasn’t been mixed with additives or with another honeys.

Not all honeys crystallize in the same way, the sweetest do in less time.

Honey's History

Honey has properties which have always been acknowledged by human beings and they have benefited of them since time inmemorial. It is used since then as food or as a sweetener, two times more powerful than sugar cane.

Honey has always been available for the human being, because bees produce three times more honey than what they really need to sustain their hives and we have always could use this extra honey for our feeding. There are even cave paintings in which honey appears.

In Egyptian excavations jars with honey which are 2.000 years old which were still adecuate for human consumption and just needed to be heated in a boilling water bath to use them with all their properties almost untouched were found.

Greeks and Egyptians referred to honey as a sacred product which could be used as a tribute payment.

Depending on the flower used as nectar's source and the type of bees which recollect it a lot of honey varieties are known, Eucalyptus, Forest, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Rosemary, etc. Each one with its own flavour, smell and texture characteristics and their diversity of properties, relaxing, expectorant, digestive, etc.

The explotaition of hives by the human being is called Apiculture and because of it we have subproducts such as royal jelly, pollen and propolis or the honeycomb, we make use of everything which is produced inside the hive.

In the honey shop you can buy natural, organic and organic bee products. Organic honey, royal jelly (queen bee food), honeycomb, meloja and other high quality products guaranteed by our trusted brands. We have a wide variety of types of honey bees flowers and honeydew from Spanish beekeepers and hives planted throughout Spain. The properties and benefits of honeycomb products for health and well-being are known to mankind since prehistory and its exploitation is ecological and sustainable, in addition to respecting and caring for the environment. Its flavors in the kitchen make honey a gourmet product much sought after by the most exquisite palates.



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